Tuesday, August 5, 2008

After Dadua STF succeds in killing Thokia

Lucknow, August 4:
The Special Task Force (STF) eliminated the last of the dreaded dacoits in Uttar Pradesh -Ambika Patel Alias Thokia - in a pre-dawn on August 4. Thokia faced 147 criminal cases and carried a reward of Rs six lakh was shot dead after a two-hour gun battle in Chitrakoot district.

The 36-year-old dacoit had created a reign of terror in various areas of the state and neighbouring Madhya Pradesh by lootings, kidnappings, extortions and murders.
STF personnel got a tip-off about his whereabouts and immediately surrounded the fields of Sikhlohi village. Thokia was killed after a two-hour encounter but 20 of his gang members managed to escape, police said.

One semi-automatic rifle, three guns and a large quantity of cartridges was recovered from the encounter site. The STF had been chasing the gizmo-freak dacoit ever since he killed six commandos in the jungles of Chitrakoot on July 23, 2007, who were returning after killing Dadua. Thokia had a penchant for sophisticated arms and referred to himself as ‘doctor’ having worked briefly as a medical representative.

Following a tip-off that Thokia was to visit Chilkan village in the Bharatkup area early on Monday, the STF team, led by SSP Amitabh Yash and additional SP Anant Deo, launched an operation. ‘‘First we couldn’t find the brigand’s body at the encounter site. Soon we surrounded the area and intercepted a section of his gang which was trying to take away Thokia’s body.

After a brief exchange of fire, the gang members fled, leaving behind Thokia’s body,’’ Yash said on phone from the village. According to Anant Deo, at least four other members of the gang have been injured and rest of them may have died.

Thokia -- a Hindi slang for the one who shoots -- was an illusive character in the region that has harbored bandits and renegades since the 12th century. Historians say nearly 5,700 dacoits have come and gone in the past five decades.