Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rahul says Congress is ready to sacrifice Govt.

Amethi, July 16, 2008:

It is not often that Rahul Gandhi interacts with the media specially when he is touring his parliamentary constituency. A little restless and contemplative Gandhi scion decided to hold a press conference to back Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's "vision, tenacity and leadership" over the Indo-US nuclear deal this after noon. He went on to say the nuke deal was worth the risk of sacrificing the government, if it came to that.

Rahul's almost desperate statement spilled the beans that the Congress was not ruling out the fall of government when it faces trust vote in the Lok Sabha on July 22. Speculations are rife that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh might step down even before his government seeks trusts vote on the floor of the house.

Coming out fully in support of the deal Rahul on second thoughts expressed confidence that the government would secure the vote of confidence in the Lok Sabha. "The deal is being opposed for political reasons. But in political life, risks have to be taken. The leadership the prime minister is showing...He thinks it is in the interest of the country. If the government falls in the process so be it," he told reporters.
"When you are convinced that it is in the interest of the people of the country, numbers don't matter. This decision that the prime minister has taken, in my view, is the right decision ," he said. In a reference to Left parties, "they" have an ideological position but the Congress has decided it is good for the country.
"There are people in BJP and other parties who are 100 per cent for the deal. I don't understand why there are people opposing the deal. It is not only Rahul Gandhi but every young person in the country who is bound to support the deal because it is going to change the future face of the country," he said.
When it was pointed out that this had led Congress to align with Samajwadi Party, a party it had opposed earlier and the new alignment may hurt Congress in the long run, he said, " we have staked whatever we could."
"I remember during my childhood when my father was doing this (ushering in the computer and it revolution) people used to say it is completely ridiculous. Various arguments were given. Some said how do the farmers gain from it and today almost everyone has a computer. And some have it on their watches," he said.
Once again during his two-day tour Rahul had his dinner in a dalit's house, adding to the growing irrigation of the chief minister Mayawati.


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aaccording said...

Ganesh Naik is going to Airoli and Belapur in Navi Mumbai
The battle ground is getting ready and the fight for “who gets the ticket?” has begun in full force behind closed door meetings. The Congress leaders of Navi Mumbai know that if they don’t fight for getting one of the two constituencies in Navi Mumbai today – for many of them it will become an aspiration unaccomplished forever. But there’s something that the Congress leaders in Navi Mumbai are not willing to accept – that is the in-fighting among the Congress ranks in the city. The division makes it clearly evident that there is no sure Congress contender in either Airoli or Belapur who can take on the might of the Shiv Sena-BJP's Lok Sabha tally of 48015 votes in Airoli and 42982 votes in Belapur thus making the NCP’s chances of getting the tickets from both Airoli and Belapur stronger.

Anonymous said...

The president of Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul (the Standing Committee chairman Sandeep Naik)
The dignitaries present at the felicitation function were Thane Guardian Minister and MLA Ganesh Naik, Mayor Anjani Bhoir, Maharashtra State Secondary and Higher Secondary Board, Mumbai Division chairperson Gurunath Kanthe, former Mayor Sanjeev Naik, NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik, Education Committee chairman Ravindra Ithape and other NCP corporators.
Addressing the gathering, MLA Ganesh Naik announced, “The practice examination was conducted for the first time in the city and it has received a tremendous response. The students have benefited a lot. This year, the practice exam was conducted for Marathi medium students. Next year onwards, the practice exam will be conducted for SSC as well as HSC students, belonging to both, Marathi and English mediums.”
The president of Navi Mumbai Shikshan Sankul and the Standing Committee chairman Sandeep Naik said, “This year’s SSC board examination is based on a new syllabus. Hence, it was necessary to conduct such practice examinations.”

Anonymous said...

Where is NMMC investing public taxes – take a look at all the work approved at the weekly NMMC standing committee
When you pay your taxes to NMMC, it is spent for your amenities, facilities and making quality of life better in your neighborhood. NMMC Standing Committee and General Body meetings are specifically for those of you who want to know how you’re hard earned taxes are being spent. Deliberations and the work that will be carried out in the city after this week’s Standing Committee meet.
Another significant proposal to be taken up during the meeting were the audit reports of departmental work for the years 1997 – 98, 2001 – 02, 2003 – 04 and 2004 – 05 that were earlier sent to the Commissioner for compliance. Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik gave details of this proposal.

Anonymous said...

Sowing the seeds for a clean, green, beautiful Navi Mumbai tomorrow
NGO Green Hope launched a project to plant over two lakh saplings across the nodes on Sunday. Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, actor Sachin Khedekar besides young and old lent their help for a cause to make future city a better place to live in.