Saturday, February 18, 2017

Might seems Right for BJP Now

By Dilip Awasthi
Lucknow: Might is right seems to have become BJP's motto now. The party which calls SP a "Goonda Party" leads the tally of candidates with criminal cases pending against them  in the first four phases of UP elections.
According to analysis of candidates profile for first four phases released by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), of the total 260 seats which the BJP is contesting its candidates in 85 (33.2%) constituencies have active criminal cases pending against them. These include heinous cases of crime against two dozen BJP representatives in these elections.
BJP is closely followed by BSP which is contesting 260 seats and has fielded 86 (33.07%) tainted nominees. BJP's  Goonda Party comes third in the table as 62 of its 194 candidates - 31.7% - have criminal cases being tried against them. Down and out Congress  with 25 of the 81 candidates is also maintaining the 30% reservation mark for criminals in the contest.
Along with muscle power, the BSP outshines its rival in money power as well, Dalit queen Mayawati's 260 candidates , as many as 225 (865%) have declared a wealth of more than a crore rupees. There are more than a 20 who have crores in double and triple digits. It is believed that the BSP tickets for elections usually come with a price-tag. Obviously the candidates have to be rich enough to buy them off the shelf and also contest elections after that.
SP and BJP are not far behind here too. SP has 162 (83.5% and BJP has 208 candidates (81.2%) who are crorepatis. Considering their backgrounds and that they do not claim to be a party of "have-nots", the BJP and SP may have a justification but how would the Dalit party like to react?
The cleanest slate is that of Independent candidates as of the 834 in the frey only 88 (10.5%) have criminal records as declared by them in their respective affidavits. The Independents have just 128 crorepatis (15.8%). They actually could be our future role-models who are closer to the common man. Otherwise whatever the bigger parties might claim and show, the facts clearly spell out they believe in both money and muscle power.

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