Sunday, February 12, 2017

Misplaced Buoyancy in BJP

 By Dilip Awasthi
Buoyancy in the BJP after the polling in the first phase of UP elections on might be a little misplaced. Even party's national president Amit Shah seemed jubilant considering the high 64% voting in Western UP which went to polls on February 11. "BJP is sweeping west UP", he said  in an election meeting for the second phase yesterday.

But considering the fact that western UP or the Jat Land as the region is commonly refereed to has never been Samajwadi Party's happy hunting ground. Eversince Comgress paralysis in UP, the contest in this region has been restricted between Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD), BJP and BSP. The BSP finds itself on a slippery wicket this time as the party has been deserted by most of its top state leaders.

BJP is fighting for honors in this region mainly against BSP and RLD. The leaders think that the additional 5% turnout would in a big way go in their favour. The RLD had contested 43 seats in the hardcore Jatland and had won 8 out of them in 2012 assembly elections. The BSP abd BJP contest all of the 73 seats in this region. Considering the overall scenerio, BJP gains in this region are highly likely  but in the final run how much this would matter is the mute question.

Like the Jatland, Samajwadi Party has had a poor run in the 21 seats of the Bundelkhand region as well. It is in banking on Congress candidates, who had some say in the past, in these regions. Nut in Bundelkhand also BJP and BSP will fight for the honors.

Coming to the three core regions - East UP, Rohilkhand and Central UP, the SP roots are well entrenched. BJP and also the BSP would need whatever they have got to fight the SP in these regions. The 309 seats in these region of the total 403 seats will decide who will rule UP. 

The BJP lacks a chiefministerial face though it has a fair amount of mind share of voters.  The BSP, sans some of its top state leaders, may not get as much Muslim support as it thinks it will (101 Muslims candidates)  because of the fear that Mayawati would join hands withe BJP for the fourth time. Both these party's  might find the going tough. Akhilesh on the other hand is backed by his own image, his youthful energy and some good works he has done in the state, would  give them a run for their money.

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