Friday, March 10, 2017

Even Politicians are conceding a split verdict

By Dilip Awasthi
Lucknow: Leave alone most of the exit polls, even political parties seem to be conceding a split verdict for 403 seats of the UP Vidhan Sabha elections. Only some believe that either SP or BJP might reach the magic majority mark.

But politicians have already started thinking in terms of forming the government in an alliance. The SP-Congress combine, according to exit polls, will fall short. Probably reacting to this possibility, chief minister Akhilesh told a news channel that his party would not be averse to getting support from his "Bua" (paternal aunt) Mayawati. "We are open to this idea as after all she is my Bua". Having said this Akhilesh obviously is indicating that he can seek BSP's support for repeating another term.

But then Daulat Queen Mayawati does is not amused, says one of her top aides.  "First of all she will never like to shake hands with SP and secondly she would like to be the CM herself rather than allowing Akhilesh another term". Mayawati's love for being at the helm is no secret as each time she has sought BJP's support, her first condition was chief ministership for herself. Every time she could strike this bargain sticking to this stand despite lesser numbers in the house than 

But this time BJP has other ideas. Given the strong dislike both PM Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah have for Mayawati and the kind of barbs they have exchanged with her during the poll campaign, the chances of an alliance between the two parties are remote. But as they say, there are no permanent enemies in politics. A senior central BJP leaders hints that in case BJP needs support, it can go to BSP but only on the condition that Mayawati will be the deputy CM.

Though a lot will depend on how it shapes when the results come in by March 11 noon, it looks as if this is going to be the first time that none of the parties seeking her support in 2017 will concede chief ministership for the Daulat Queen.

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