Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mayawati is disgraceful even in defeat

By Dilip Awasthi
Lucknow: Instead of sitting back and analysing the causes of humiliation in 2017 UP assembly elections, Daulat Queen Mayawati true to her personality is disgraceful in defeat. 

After indulging in the lowest level of mudslinging against rivals throughout her campaign,  the self-styled Dalit ki Beti refuses to concede that the Dalits have moved away from her and are now under the BJP's umbrella. The party has lost more than 60 seats over 2012 elections and its votes have gone down by nearly 7%.

But the blissfully oblivious Mayawati wants fresh elections in the state. In a press conference when the trends started indicating a two-third majority for BJP, loud-mouthed Mayawati, speaking extempore which she rarely does, charged: "Modi and Amit Shah have manipulated the EVMs in such a way that the BSP votes have also gone to the BJP". 

She went on and on with her new-found hilarious conspiracy theory and demanded that the election commission should set aside this election and hold a fresh one. She also wanted election commission to go back to the system of ballots and ballot boxes from now on. She kept levelling wild allegations least realising that if EVMs were tampered with than she is pointing her accusing fingers towards the election commission rather than the BJP leaders.

She questioned that how did the BJP perform well in the Muslim dominated areas. "Do you mean to say that Muslims also voted for BJP?", she asked. But that is what Mayawati is made off. She presented herself as a bull-headed autocrat who would keep ramming against the wall till her "Haathi"(elephant) fainted.

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